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Level 1, Lesson 12, Audio Assignment, How to be a successful student, Part A and B.

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
a. The study of the teachings is the highest study because a person is studying the mysteries of creation of the world and our own being. These mysteries are more difficult because they transcend time and space, for instance you cannot use a tape measure to measure your progress or your understanding. As a person gains an understanding from the study of the teachings and then applies it in their daily life they can experience the teaching and discover its true worth.
b. To have a proper learning experience to understand the teachings you must have:
1) The Sba: an authentic teacher who understands the teaching and can impart the teaching in a way the student can understand it. The teacher is performing a male activity by imparting the teaching. The teacher can be male or female it is the activity of teaching that delineates the male expression.
2) The Sabit: an authentic teaching that the teacher teaches, a whole teaching. The teaching is worldly as well as spiritual.
3) The Sabat: the student/aspirant takes on the female activity of receiving the teaching. The student receives the “seed” (teaching) and applies it in their life. The student allows themselves to receive the teaching by relaxing and receiving, gain understanding, and create a new life for themselves with intuitive wisdom through the application of it in their lives.
c. Being an aspirant means you must have faith in your ability to learn and understand the teaching. What makes you an aspirant is having the ultimate goal in life, to reach Nehast. The goals in learning in time and space will assist an aspirant in sustaining the body, however, the ultimate goal in life transcends the world.
d. Having the understanding that the world is a venue for learning who you truly are, the divine being. As situations or circumstances come to you it allows you to understand the deeper meaning of life. By purifying the mind and developing virtue by following the Maat teachings. This prevents you from creating impurities in the mind and you begin to purify the mind and it fills you with positive feelings and thoughts that will raise your consciousness.
e. Having the teacher, the teaching and aspiring for the ultimate goal will not help a student to reach that goal unless they are self-reliant. For instance, if a professional chef cooks a meal for you and adds all the ingredients to make that meal wonderful, and sits it before you and you do not eat it, you will die from starvation. This course of study is about discovering who you truly are and controlling your mind. No one can do it for you they can only teach you what is needed to do it. You must let the world go and rely on yourself and to do that you must begin to discover who you are.
f. You are an expression of God therefore you have the capacity to achieve anything you want. Unless the teaching is applied with wisdom and understanding you cannot know this, it is only an intellectual concept. Applying the teachings in the world as you go about your day from the perspective of Maat and the divine expressing through you allows this concept to become a part of your being and an intuitive knowing develops.
g. Life force energy is squandered when a person leads a life controlled by desire. Life force energy a associated with ones thoughts. If a person squanders their life force energy they cannot hold a thought in their mind. Study is difficult, concentration is difficult, understanding the teachings becomes difficult, etc. Knowing yourself means knowing who you truly are without judgment, but with honesty. The vices (based on Maat) that control you need to be managed or eliminated and becoming aware of them is the first step so that you can reach your goal.
h. Have faith in yourself and faith in your teacher. Your spiritual journey should be virtuous and with an ethical conscience. There are no shortcuts. Approach the teacher and teachings with respect and it shows respect for yourself. Have the receptive female perspective when learning and have the male perspective when applying the teachings in your live.
i. You must have devotion to the teachings and a love for them. This means finding time to study, managing the practical aspects of your life so there are no distractions, gradually changing your diet and bringing it into alignment with the teachings, etc. Maat is order, on a practical level organize your life. Learn about you, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning, how long does it take you to cook dinner and do homework with the children, learn what distracts you from creating a schedule to practice.
j. The proper study technique is to make notes first of the things that impress you, second, make notes of the things you do not understand. Memorizing the words are not the key to understanding, you must understand the essence of the words to retain it in your mind. Understand the teachings as you can today, perform your Shedy practice, apply the teachings that you understand, virtuous living, and you will be able to understand more as your mind is purified and you grow.
k. Listening, reflection and meditation is the formula for reaching your goal. Learning to express the teachings is another capacity that must be learned if you would like to teach the teachings.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one?
Yes. All of them to my capacity. Some more than others, however I spend time on ll of the Shedy practices daily.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are currently not practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?
I will continue my Shedy practice and the purification of my mind.