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Udja, In this lesson you have recounted some fundamental but also some advanced aspects of the philosophy of Shetaut Neter such as that “Searching for oneself in the world is a pursuit of an illusion.” And “One’s acts on earth are like a dream.”


The question as you are approaching the final section of Level 1 studies is if you have correct understanding intellectually, about these issues so far, then how prepared/able are you to live this teaching? How much are you able to live life in accord with these tenets? How willing are you to treat the world, your relations, your feelings about family and friends as well as feelings about yourself and your beliefs in accordance with the meaning/implications of these teachings? If not outwardly, then internally what adjustments will you make going forward if you decide to consider yourself as an authentic shems? These are reflections-going forward- and not requiring answer now, but reflections that need to occur so as to prepare to move from intellectual study to application; then if there is going forward in this light there is the task of learning to apply the teaching properly to those venues; if not applied then the teaching stays at the level of intellectual knowledge and emotional delusion.

Laughing priest in Book of Djehuty- at your reading writings that are worthless…And there was a priest there called Nesi‑ptah; and as Na.nefer.ka.ptah went into a temple to pray, it happened that he went behind this priest, and was reading the inscriptions that were on the chapels of the gods. And the priest mocked him and laughed. So Na.nefer.ka.ptah said to him: “Why are you laughing at me?’ And he replied, ‘I was not laughing at you, or if I happened to do so, it was at your reading writings that are worthless. If you wish so much to read writings, come to me, and I will bring you to the place where the book is which Djehuty himself wrote with his own hand, and which will bring you to the gods…

One addendum: “Paut Neteru” can be considered as a family tree but more commonly as a “Company” or grouping; though all neterus can be understood as a large extended family and grouped as companies depending on the specific theurgological system, they are not necessarily members of the same nuclear family.