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Udja & Dua Akua,

I read through your post and the last 2 paragraphs hit me. It seems you had taken in something I hadn’t even considered when I read the post from Seba Dja initially.

It is quite interesting when you think about it. We are all on the same boat but in our own worlds. This creates an understanding for me in regards to souls and all of our journeys. Although it seems separate it is also very united as we all are the one divine consciousness living and thinking and being in our own realities or our own conception of reality. It just futher instates the duality and polarity which is here only to ensure the all encompassing divinity is able to see the very depths of itself which is all of us that seem different. But which is really the divine in different forms. The forms give the consciousness/spirit inside of it concepts, ideas, understandings and a reality in correspondence with their ariyu.
Like me, I’m a young kem skinned female living in England, London, with a certain type of family and background. That alone gives me an experience because it then becomes deeper and more detailed to create a reality around me that I live in and believe in to give me the necessary experiences and in turn lessons to direct me in the direction of the divine and the direction of enlightenment or deeper embed me into my ignorance and ego, because I begin to believe in my form. This is the understanding I came to when reading your last posts.

It’s also interesting how one post posted by Anthony can lead to all of us coming together in unity and knowledge to work toward a particular goal.

HTP to all of you.