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I wanted to give a followup on my own reply (post #4298) to Shems Heryt’s #3708

When we think of the term “unspeakable pain” the thought usually runs to some physical pain or a psychological one related to something prescient or familial, like a tragedy or death in the family, etc.

What about the unspeakable suffering of that multiplied 100 fold, 1000 fold, 1000000 fold, etc. or indefinitely?

That is actually the predicament of human existence, the “unspeakable pain” and sufferings not just of this lifetime but countless of the past and countless of the future if enlightenment is not attained. This is the bigger tragedy that should light a fire (shemsu udja) under any person’s behind (pehui) but even the greatest wisdom (rech) is useless in the face of the dullest (uhmet ab) personality (her).

For those who have ears let them hear and heed; and this is why anyone reading this is here and to be commended for the courage to face that stark reality.

Here is a section of the Pert M Heru (in the book dealing with this issue: Front-Cover-Pertem-2010

Chapter 17 from Pertemheru on reincarnation