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about your question: “As a new aspirant, how long do I mediate & chat-“Om Amun Ra Ptah”? Is it too early to look at the other
forms of meditation? “

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The practice of the different meditation systems is something that should be worked out with an instructor personally and it relates to a person’s personality. The simple meditation system and the guided meditation practice that has been enjoined is a starter program for all and from there there are several techniques. However, this beginning practice can be engaged for the first year as the objectives are to get in the habit and also start systematically bringing the mind to a focus; this is a foundation for more advanced practices. Also, what is called “informal meditation” is to be practiced at the same time for the first year and beyond-this is practicing maat wisdom of ethical and balanced living of controlling emotional swings and correcting incorrect thoughts and beliefs that cause agitation in the mind – which prevents concentration and relaxation of the personality.

Glorious Light meditation, Asaru Meditation, Temple of Aset Meditation, serpent power meditation, Tjef Neteru Postures meditation, there are other techniques discussed in the Pert M Heru text as well

Several will be discussed at this years Neterian conference next month so if you attend you would be able to learn about them first hand

If that is not possible you see the videos that will be made available after.

Additionally, at an appropriate time you can arrange a meeting with myself so we can discuss your specific situation and determine which would be the best course to take next. Alternatively perhaps this is a subject we can discuss at the next monthly shedy meetings.