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Jason W

AUDIO ASSIGNMENT File GS12-An Evening W Sebai MAA & Seba Dja – Why SN Important

1.What are the main teachings brought out in the audio recording lecture?

-True fulfillment cannot be achieved by worldly accomplishments and can only be brought about by a sincere desire to follow the spiritual path

-Shetaut Neter is unique and differs from many other paths because it focuses on an integral practice, developing all aspects of one’s personality as opposed to focusing on just one like meditation, which may strengthen one area however neglect others. So the practice is designed for a development in all areas of the personality in order to become whole and complete to achieve enlightenment.

2.Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which ones?

Yes, i am currently practicing the morning & evening daily devotional worship,(Offering, Daily recitations, chanting, Divine singing, listening to lectures and reflecting, simple meditation of Om Amun Ra Ptah for at least 15-30 min twice daily) along with selfless service. I have not began the GLM, as i see that i must first follow the simple meditation for 6 weeks before i proceed.

Similar to Elizabeth i can tend to procrastinate and tell myself “ill do it tomorrow” and get discouraged very easily. This is something that i have been working on, How to become more consistent in my daily practice.


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