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This is a special Audio Feedback dealing with some important issues that all aspirants should be aware of. This post deals with issues of gender inequality, overwhelming hatred, maladaptation to human existence and the overpowering nature of the unconscious mind when it has been caused to assimilate and retain negative impressions through undue stresses, injustices and ignorance from negative upbringings, negative relationships, negative work situations that we ourselves play into that need to be faced and resolved in order to move forward on the spiritual path. Here is a special resource book that may be helpful. The book is Growing Beyond Hate. See the audio feedback attached below.


Book cover growing beyond hate


Additionally, the Kemetic Life Skills Class is a self-administered / or guided (according to student choice) course that is being prepared now that you can also take that helps to work through these issues you have related that i n fact affect most people in the world. It shows the reasons and then methods to overcome these issues.



Explore the Kemetic Life Skills Class (KLS)



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