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Bastu Akhu

Interaction Assignment for Level 1- Lesson 14

Reply to post #2638 from May 12th, 2015 by Sebai Maa responding to Sandra McMuray “Level 1- Lesson 2 -Intro to SN short part 2b” Post.

The interaction between Sebai Maa and Sandra about the philosophy and its true purpose impressed me a lot because it resonated with a belief or truth I was holding on to unconsciously involving the true reality of physical Kemet.

Sebai states “…the philosophy and history, architecture, etc. Is merely an effect; the true proof of the teaching is experienced by a person who discovered their higher self and that is the real source of any and all glories of the teaching. The philosophy, the history of the culture of Ancient Egypt and its achievements are evidence of the greatness that was achieved but that is only a reflection of the actual greatness of enlightenment.”

I thought this statement was very profound as an extension of the discussions we have been having in the chatroom meetings for the past few weeks which included Ancient Egypt and its Glorious Legacy. Though I have heard Sebai Maa talk about not getting caught up in the grandeur and glory of the physical manifestations of Kemet (even while we were in Kemet!) and though I ‘thought’ I understood what he meant, It was through this medium and interaction that I was able to understand on a much deeper level what he truly means and this interactive post reiterated it. I gathered that enlightenment is what lead to the development of a culture of such greatness, since enlightenment is achieved through living a life of Maat, which was the very foundation of Ancient Kemetian civilization. The Ancient Kemetians devotion was to the Higher Self, the true reflection of the Divine and this is what is reflected in the philosophy of Shetaut Neter. The example of the glory of the Ancient Kemetian civilization and its achievements give true meaning to the chant “Amma su en pa Neter – sauu-k su emment en pa neter, au tuanu ma qeti pa haru – give thyself to God, keep though thyself daily for God and let tomorrow be as today. So though Kemetic legacy is glorious and so nefer , I should remain mindful that this is not the source but just the surface or as Sebai says “a mere reflection of enlightenment” which I understand is attained through purity of heart, the focus of the philosophy in the shedy disciplines, the dive beneath the surface. So I have broaden my perspective to align with the teachings and now include the physical manifestation of Kemet along with all other manifestations in time and space to be an illusion. Dua.