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Dua-thank you for your post. Here is a proverb for your reflection today.

“Do not disturb a great person or distract their attention when they are occupied, trying to understand their task. When they are thus occupied they strip their body through love of what they do. Love for the work which they do brings people closer to God. These are the people who succeed in what they do.”

-AEP (Ancient Egyptian Proverb)

Osiris-from Nile cartoon

It is good that you have been able to find the forums and have been able to place your post in it. Some aspirants have difficulties up to that point. Your posting is appreciated and you will be able to draw more from the program as you make more detailed listings of the answers you provide. For example, try to add as much detail to the answer and that will let the teacher know if the teaching was correctly understood or if any correction is needed of if there is more to add for better understanding. This program is setup for that kind of interaction so that all students will benefit as a whole. View the postings from other students and you will get the idea. You may also ask general questions in the general discussion forum.