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This was a good report on the contents of the lesson. Your answer to “Working on believing” was descriptive of the process of assimilating and making the teaching yours. Through khnumnt nefer or good association, the culture and varied aspects of the teaching grow one you naturally and the use of at least some Kemetic terms is useful in developing the feeling of Neterian spirituality to ever deeper levels. This relates to your answer for “Find hard to believe:” where you said “Believing the Neterian creed is not difficult, practicing what I believe is the challenge.”


“It is very hard, to leave the things we have grown used to, which meet our gaze on every side. Appearances delight us, whereas things which appear not, make their believing hard. Evils are the more apparent things, whereas the Good can never show Itself unto the eyes, for It hath neither form nor figure.”



The process is the same, through good association, and working intelligently and worshiping meaningfully, the practicing becomes easier and more rewarding. Therefore maintain these three and the result takes care of itself.