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A very good posting for this assignment. In it you have discerned the teachings that were imparted and that need to be kept in mind while approaching the teaching in order to become and avid aspirant. I see you have made some comparative religious parallels. This is good for the purposes of understanding, though recognizing that there are also some differences in specific aspects.
In this lesson the topic of initiation came up and I wanted to direct you to the archives from the first 6 months of the program where that issue was also discussed. Go to the following link and look for the post #’s below for optional further review. Also keep in mind that this earlier archive can be visited to complete the interaction requirement.
#1338, #1354, #1420, #1425, #1451, #1459, #1593, #1829, #1894
About your statement response to the question: “How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?”
For this I was thinking more in personal terms like how should you thing personally about this issue as it applies to yourself.
The rest of the post is quite good in listing the points covered in this lesson.