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Bastu Akhu


Reply to post #4955 from November 20, 2015 by Sebai Maa, responding to Sandra McMurray “Level 1, Lesson – 11A -The Etiquette and Decorum for initiate” post.

Sebai states “…one of the important practices that many aspirants lack is sufficient maturity to have patience as well as self-forgiveness. Patience to realize that the mountainous aryu that has been allowed to accumulate is what you really have a relationship with and how to understand it, what to do about it, how to handle it.” I found the exchange about the relationship we have with our aryu through the unpurified ego to be very profound as it relates to the relationship with the Higher Self that was answered by Sebai Maa in this lesson (Lesson 13). In depending on the Higher Self for guidance, my insight is that I have to be purified enough to clarify the voice of the Higher Self vs what is filtered through the unpurified ego. If the ego is not purified I can interpret things incorrectly which can further intensify the ego. This is why a forum like this (Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja) that has authentic teachers and teachings is necessary in checking one’s understanding of spiritual growth and application of the philosophy. The lesson further reiterate that growth (maturity) occurs gradually which directly relates to the level of purification gained through a life of Maat and understanding of the philosophy and applying it through the shedy disciplines. I get the sense that the experience through the shedy disciplines leads to patience and self-forgiveness over time because as much time as you fall on the path ( I lost count) and have to get up it finally dawns on you, that the goal of Nehast is still ahead so you have to keep moving forward, keep doing shedy. So in regard to aryu I think “how to understand it” is listening to the philosophy/teachings, “what to do about it” and “how to handle it” is applying the teachings by reflecting and experiencing its wisdom.