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Bastu Akhu

Udja Seba Dja,

Replying to Seba Dja post #3836

Dua Seba Dja for your extensive response to Lindsay’s post. The reiteration that the process of purification is what rids us of the vices or intense egoism represented in dull, dull leading to agitated and the agitated state of minds and that the first step to this is living by Maat “…cultivating ethical conscience and conduct and practicing righteous action in daily life and also seeing oneself as the vehicle of the Divine.” was received. Also the realization that those three states of mind cannot be transcended only purified “…states of dullness and agitation are states of attachment (egoism still pretty intense) to transcend implies one is detached…” The Shedy disciplines allows the mind to be purified and reach lucidity which is the only state of mind where transcending the ‘mind’ can occur. The addition of the chart that indicate what shedy discipline to incorporate in the different states of mind was appreciated. Again Dua.