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A thoroughly studied lesson and an important message that needs to go with it. I want to comment in agregate on a few key statements you made and to show the keys to their implementation: “Misconception of spiritual practice is you have to travel somewhere…. Positive ideas include asserting that you can purify yourself…. how virtues can counteract vices, and most importantly learning to see body-mind and actions as manifestations of my higher self (god.) … how virtues can counteract vices, and most importantly learning to see body-mind and actions as manifestations of my higher self (god.) …Another very important key that I am trying to implement is to not repudiate myself too bad when I act un-virtuously because I can see it makes the process of “getting back up” longer and more drawn out… I will reinforce the practice of the 3-key points of spiritual practice by writing them down, remembering them, reflecting on them, and working to implement them into my understanding of my Shedy.”



“Put a bridle on thy tongue; set a guard before thy lips, lest the words of thine own mouth destroy thy peace…On much speaking cometh repentance, but in silence is safety.”


These I think may be considered as the heart of your post and perhaps the most important key to making these work is first understanding about them which you are currently gaining, so you can know what needs to be done; then it is important to understand how that which is to be done should be done and finally to go ahead and pursue it and also realize how to handle the results. In the absence of experience these are simply aspirational statements. The thing with aspirational statements is that if pursued incorrectly they can lead to disappointments and confusion, frustration and stagnation. So the preferred manner is incrementally and with patience, self-forgiveness and as you have stated, with the realization that what has been implemented so far has been positive. So with continued effort there can be ultimate success. However along the way there can and will be bumps so expecting the iceberg of the unconscious mind to break down in a day or week or moth or year is not realistic but it will happen in time. Therefore, this is informed faith, faith in something that works and with some scientific basis but people are not machines but rather animals with minds working with sense but founded in feelings so devotional practice is important as wisdom studies are important. Thus the daily worship is key as well as the wisdom which helps growing clarity and dispassion to evolve. This process needs to be allowed to occur in a natural way, with intent but not force, with devotion but not fanaticism, with perseverance and not disappointment at not succeeding with every effort, with patience but not procrastination or relenting; this is the maatian way, with balance and intensity; this is a kind of art that needs to be learned also by watching those who artfully handle the world and the inner sebau “demons”. Then there will be eventual success, not the soda-water success that fizzes into nothing, the delusions of televangelists or the kemetic charlatan who can quote scripture while knowing nothing of the rearing cobra that devours from within (Apep-negative aryu).

So imhotep -walking in peace, maakheru-speaking in truth, shemsu udja-burnig aspiration, rech-m-ab -knowing the heart (enlightenment). And that which is aspirational becomes execution to enlightenment.