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A good discourse of this lesson. A few points to consider: About your statement: “* When you approach the preceptor you should prostrate before him/her with your toes curled in, hands in front of you with your face kissing the ground, next prostrating yourself in front of the shrine then taking your seat quietly.”

When approaching the preceptor a simple respectful acknowledgement with Dua posture with “Hetep” is sufficient. The fuller prostration may be reserved for the ritual adoration of the divinity at the altar.

Prostration Ancient Egyptian

About your statement: “Preceptors are called Seba because they illuminate the Sebat which are the aspirants seen as females where the preceptor is seen as a male. “

The term “Sba” means star and to illumine, etc. The term Sba also means to teach or teacher. Sebai means preceptor which is a special kind of teaching related to sebait or philosophy. So the Sebai teaches sebait and the sebait is learned by the sebat or student.


“Be chief of the mysteries at festivals, know your mouth, come in Hetep (peace), enjoy life on earth but do not become attached to it, it is transitory.”


About your statement: “I am also working on my internal detachment from personalities. ”

As Lady Aset learned the nature or reality and became dispassionate, so too every aspirant is to follow her example and in so doing we are not to forget that she not only discovered dispassion and detachment but also discovered attachment to something else, her higher self. So we are not to forget that dispassion is a tool, a means to an end, the tool for facing reality as it is instead of how the ego visualizes and then to be able to turn away from it and turn towards what is abidingly true and thereby discover the path that leads to attaining the goal of life.

Acknowledge these issues and then move forward to the next assignment.