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One of the wonderful things about Atonism is discerning the love that Atonists have for the Aton but the philosophical discipline of Atonism when the scripture is read, reveals an in depth understanding of the transcendental nature of Aton which goes beyond the strictly external solar manifestation. So in Atonism the feeling is directed to the object of the wisdom leading to enlightenment with feeling and intuitional realization of the higher truth. Hopefully, the Aton lectures will be published next year perhaps.

Aton shining on family Akhenaton2

Aton shining on family Akhenaton

About your statements: “I am able to discern more of what’s true vs. untruth than I was able to in the past due to applying the teachings.”…”However, some thoughts and actions I am able to let go easier than others.”…”I also notice that some things are naturally just ‘falling off’ as well where I just no longer have an interest in or for them. ”


This is the process to be realized, this is the kneading that Goddess Aset talks about in her scripture, the rubbing and massaging of the personality and fashioning it into a proper vessel for the divine Serpent Power [taffy shepsy] to develop into a natural piercing through the veil of ignorance about the nature of time and space-Creation and blossom the mind into the glory of enlightenment.

The encouragement should come in seeing that there has been and therefore it is possible to have incremental change -as you have proved to yourself and described; this means that if small changes have occurred in oneself and we see others who have made great strides such as sages, then it means the same is possible for oneself and thus the diffidence and misconceptions and lack of faith in self can start to be let go and then the shackles of Geb and Set, that hold the personality bound to the exclusively earthly consciousness become loosed. And of course this is the objective that leads to the goal of Nehast.