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Good reflections.

About your statement: “(4) I have had a relationship with my higher self for a long time now. However, knowing my higher self from the perspective of the teachings is new to me. I realize over time I will learn more and be closer still to my higher self with the Shedy practice and understanding the teaching and have accepted that it will be a process worth the reward.”


“Change is Lord of the Universe.”


Indeed one of the important practices that many aspirants lack is sufficient maturity to have patience as well as self-forgiveness. Patience to realize that the mountainous aryu that has been allowed to accumulate is what you really have a relationship with and how to understand it, what to do about it, how to handle it. Therefore, work to remove the clutter in the environment and in your person like the initiates of the temple of Aset work to eliminate fatness; and in time the process of transformation occurs, but when it is approached with a viable teaching and teacher and with mature aspirant then the transformation can be dynamic.