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A very extensive post so I see you have gone through the lesson in a detailed manner. First a few corrections and then some comments.

On your statement: “An aspirant must learn how to “walk” with the mind. Sometimes the mind wants silence, sometimes it wants music, sometimes it wants study.”

The word “walk” should be instead “work” meaning working with it such as using its mood to do what you want to to with it. Example. if your mind is agitated then do a yogic activity that is agitated like do postures instead of trying to meditate, etc. This statement goes along with further down you talk about “not be fighting with the mind”.


On your statement: “Chanting is designed to elevate your feeling and meet the divine with it. Chanting raises your vibration, directs the mind in a positive way, purifies the mind and more. Chants should be memorized and learned by heart, the same with the drumming and cistern playing”


The word “cistern” should be sistrum.


About your statement: “Any resentment, anger, hatred, unkind thoughts, etc., must be released before entering the spiritual hall or temple.”


It is important to understand that the entrance to the temple environment does not demand absolute mental purity or purity of feelings for otherwise nobody would have entry at least to the outer portions of the temple. What is needed is to have a life that engages the teaching so as to control those lower aspects of the personality. Then as training moves on then greater clarity and purity qualifies the aspirant to enter into the deeper recesses of the temple where indeed such higher purity is required.


Make these corrections by replying to my feedback and acknowledging them and make any other comments and then move forward.


Photo by Ammodramus / Wikimedia

Aset veiled – the teaching veiled to the ignorant

Some comments:

About your statement: “The secrecy of the divinity is to develop awe and admiration from the masses. When the initiates are finally allowed to see the image they are instructed about the image and what the significance of the image of the divinity such as the clothing, ankhs, etc.”


Secrecy is not just to promote awe and respect but to protect the aspirant from their own egoistic mundane-ness whereby if something is received too soon or too easily then it is taken as mundane and of less value and assigned to the egoistic value of their life as if it is something they fully understand when actually their understanding is only at the surface but the ego feels it has command of that teaching or wisdom so it is discounted and thereby they cannot progress with it due to lack of ego purity.


About your statement: “Over the last couple of years I have been feeling “detached” from family and friends. After moving to Austin, TX about 18 months ago (knowing no one) although I have met people, they think me being detached is who I am and they are accepting of it, whereby longtime friends and family would not be and it would be difficult for them.”

In the temple of Aset the goddess asks all aspirants to be close to her and direct their attention to the question of who is the foremost being. So those who are detached from the world can spend time with her, meaning with her books, in her temple, with her priests and priestesses, in prayer to her in their meditation rooms at home, in their hearts with feeling, and this enables the answering the questions and that is the purpose of life so what matters is detaching from the world and attaching to the goddess and her wisdom. The wisdom stays and the family and worldly relations will go so which is the better thing to do before death?