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About your statement: “Ordering ones life on a practical level allows this to happen.”

This is one of the most important messages in this lesson. An aspirant needs to prioritize in order of ethical conscience (Maat) dictates. So this is a practical as well as virtuous issue and practice that eeds to be engaged in a thoughtful but patient manner. Everyday doing the best and planning on how to implement the necessary changes. Some can be done right away and others take longer and need more energy behind them.

Heru leading female initiate2

About your statement: “The preceptor is “male” (Seba) and the initiates are “female” (Sebat). The preceptor, acting in the male aspect, shines illumination on the student who is receptive therefore they are acting in the female aspect.”


“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then come the lips to fill them with wisdom.”



The Sba is teacher and the “teaching” is a male activity but women can also be preceptors and in carrying out that duty they are carrying out a “male” function. Likewise, a male student when listening to the teaching is carrying out a “female” function. Therefore, we are not to confuse the gender or sexual issue as it is thought of in modern times, with the Ancient Egyptian concept of learning. We are to gain insight into the nature of learning and the process of developing wisdom so as to gain for ourselves the natural development to wise and enlightened human beings.