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Look at at least one other posting and feedback then note most remarkable teaching you learned from it.

Much appreciation to Aspirant Andrew for his posting that was full of juicy reflections. The point that most intrigued me was the comment, “From my understanding the Divine is always waiting to be poisoned by us in order to reveal the truth behind it.,” followed by Sebai Maa’s reply, “Ra (Creation) has weaknesses which are there by design, for otherwise how would there ever be freedom from the illusion.”
This insight did not occur to me , and it has shed new light for me on the myth of Aset and Ra. It would mean that Ra was aware of Aset’s plan all along, and intentionally allowed Himself to be bitten by the Taffy shepsy in order to have union with Aset and give Her His true name. In other words Ra recognized in Aset a worthiness for Her relentless pursuit to know His true name–indeed, something rare among humankind–and bestowed upon Her transcendental Divine consciousness, thus freeing Aset from all worldly shackles. When Aset first approached Ra and asked Him His true name, He gave Her the obvious answer because She had not yet proven Herself to His satisfaction. When Aset armed Herself, in the right way, with arat sekhem and a one-pointedness to know the true name of Ra, Her aim was successful.
What I get from all of this is that , like Aset, an aspirant must have true aim, backed by a true understanding and wisdom of the teachings to attain Nehast (Divine consciousness). It is one thing to understand that the world is an illusion and another thing to have cognition that the world is an illusion. It takes devotion and due diligence.
Dua for the insight and the equally insightful reply.

Htp, Shems Heryt