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Bastu Baket

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Udja and Dua Shems Heryt for your most Nefer post. While reading your posts I feel your devotion, sincerity and true feelings come right through the computer and speak to my heart. Just as in Kemet you are so very generous! I’m grateful you had pointed out the importance of the hieroglyphs and how Sebai Maa translates them in a way for our true understanding of what is being related in the myth to comprehend it further than just a magnificent story. How blessed we are to have our Spiritual Preceptors share their knowledge and wisdom with us! I look forward to learning more of them as they relate to the teachings of the Temple of Aset.

Dua for bringing up Taffy Shepsy symbol of the harpoon meaning “oneness” and how we are to become one with Ra as you stated just as we recite in our daily altar ritual “the One pointed flow of the mind towards the Divine.” I could see your visualization of “hurling the Taffy Shepsy to pierce through worldly illusion. I’ll share my visualization too, it is of becoming the Taffy Shepsy, entering the body of Ra and poisoning those illusions. Dua Aset for showing us the way!

Dua again for your openness of your insights.
Shems Baket