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Udja Sebai Maa and Seba Dja

When I go to the student bookstore and click on the link to send the email requesting the discount, it comes up with a warning and if I continue past that it takes me to an AOL website but with no reference to the I am not sure if this is just my computer. I wanted to let you know

Also..when I purchase the books, if i would like them to be sent to a mailing address in Miami for them to be couriered to Jamaica should i give you that address? I was not sure if a page would come up in the process asking for the shipping address etc.

I was also wondering re the question Jason posted re moving on to the next lesson. I have completed Level 1 Lesson 1. I have received feedback for the Video section..should I summarize that feedback and send and then move on to the next video in the meantime?
I appreciate all that you do, as reading and responding is such an ongoing commitment of your time.