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Bastu Baket

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DUA Seba Dja for your enlightening post on Khak Ab, and yes I did have a typo of its spelling in my post. Sorry about that. I so appreciated you and Sebai Maa pointing out that Aset did not leap from “Saa Djedu” to Khak Ab and Antet Begag, she as well as we have to employ our Ari Shedy,the spiritual disciplines and practices to reach Rekh Ab and become Maakheru, pure of heart in a balanced, integral way. If we become so repudiated by the world where we just want to retreat to some cave what purpose does that serve? Some bat or roach in the cave will begin to disturb our practice or they will be repudiated by us because these too are divine concepts of creation. Finding that balance in having Khak Ab and devotion and love for the Divine in all aspects really hit home as they say, as they are one in the same. It is our egoism, the mud on the windshield that must be cleared through our Ari Shedy, and true understanding of what our purpose and goal of life is.
Shems Baket