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Udja Seba Dja, in response to #4767

Thank you very much for your prompt and extensive reply. I gave a reply to Seba Maa and will share my plan here as well in brief. First, your response gave me some solid points. It directed me to connect the Shedy practice with the normalization process, “healthy ego” process, and day to day affairs. The teachings you gave me here on understanding this part of the process relates to where I am and what I must do. I agree I am at the stage of putting emphasis on normalizing my life and by degrees overcoming the chaotic characteristics of mind and action while engaged in the world. I am soaking up what you said still. This is my plan and how I have worked it. This morning came in to school. First thing, watched the morning shedy video and practiced along while listening, reflecting, and meditation in my chair. Back straight, feet planted, belly breathing out and in comfortably. I then worked tell noon with one hour recreation. At noon watching and practiced with the afternoon Shedy video. Then worked for six hours with one hour recreation. I was able to turn in my only late assignment. The stress is still present but I see the power of todays Maat action, and the more I can perform action opposite to the actions that produced stress of mind-body and sloth in my duties I know things will get better. I am also not going to let myself get caught up in any of the small victories because sometimes thats when I forget the past- actions and need for effort and slack. Its interesting that there is an idea that this is “relaxation” when we say “I did good, now I can slack.” That leads actually to stress again. So I relinguish attachment to the results and will relax in the expansiveness of the meditation. What you said about different people having different experiences, like two people dreaming. That was very enlightening and helped me let go of some of my perceived passion with worldly personalities. I have The book Conversations with God, just got it recently. I will read De-stressing in full and encorporate a regular reading of Conversations with God. Through the week I will put Shedy 3 times a day first and in between work diligently on my studies limiting distractions more and more. My distraction will not be a distraction but the practice of meditation and breathing. I will also visit the school counselor and have a talk, get some thoughts out, and get some feedback and perspective. This plan should help me mitigate stress that causes me to freeze in my efforts and also help me overcome. I will update at the end of the week to say if I followed this plan to fulfillment and healing.

Dua..Thank you very much for you response…Htp