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Dua Sebai Maa, in response to #4765

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will share what steps I have taken and plan to take, and will share also to Seba Djas post along with a response. Your words gave me a breath of fresh air. I came into school early. First thing is I watched the morning Shedy video and did the listening, reflection, and meditation in my chair with back straight feet flat and abdomen breathing properly. I chanted ” Nuk Ba Ra” whenever I remembered to, occasionally lost it. It feels good. I did about an hour of recreation after, then did school work diligently three hours. I then got up and stretched, watched the afternoon Shedy video and practiced with it. I did an hour recreation followed by six hours school work. I completed the main assignment that I was behind on as best I could and sent it in. So now I currently do not have anything late, but just a nice amount of work to do this following week. I do see progress because I was agitated by my actions and desired to turn things around just a little bit earlier than I used to when I got behind. So I can take a breather that at least no past work is hanging over my head and now a diligent consistent effort should mitigate ramifications. So a main focus now should be Shedy practice and Stress-relief. The stress goes away completely when I chant and do meditation but returns when I think again of worldliness. So I ask myself why think of it and involve myself in it for now, so I will continue to simplify my involvements with things other than studies and Shedy for this following week. I am still at school and will watch the evening shedy video before leaving and when I get home do a devotional session and an extended meditation with emphasis on breath-relaxation while laying on my back until sleep which I think will come. I will do all three sessions each day this week and put my mind on that and work while chanting the hekau on my studies in between without attachment.

I will read De-Stressing and get through it so I can understand the big picture of it, and then apply the techniques. As Seba Dja suggested I have Conversations with God and I will read that as well. I will also visit my school counselor for a talk. I am an open person and feel no resistance to sharing my challenge with them and getting their perspective and some tips. I did it before and felt great. I take from it what I need and don’t resist or expect them to be something they are not. This I know will help and I feel secure in this process. I will give an update at the end of the week of how consistent I was able to follow this plan of action.

Very grateful. Dua! Htp