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Firstly, be assured that you are not alone and are not the only one experiencing such issues as you have related, the stresses of trying to make a career, survive and pay bills, get over childhood traumas or undue stresses; on top of all that also handling the state of society and climate change today, etc. The problem is not so much in the events of the past themselves, but in the capacity to process and handle them with either well-adjusted ego or immature ego. This is what leads to the formation of negative or positive aryu; having said that, you have listed several important and necessary aspects of life that need to be handled in a careful and thoughtful manner. In your case the preferred manner is to first work towards stability. This means finding a balance even today, of your present and future concerns by realizing that you have entered into a stream of enlightening consciousness (Kemet University Asaru College). Now take deep breaths realizing that all issues will be sorted out in time and the first step is to normalize and work on relinquishing the stress of what happened in the past and what you should do in the future. Work today on finding a balance between shedy and your studies. Then as you continue your shedy and studies trust that in that balance there will be peaceful reflection that will lead to the best solutions for personal, professional and spiritual questions. Try to minimize the anxieties about what to do or what was done by focusing on the present task of studies. You may also consider seeking local counseling to assist with the personal issues and applying the stress reduction techniques. Then the answers will become clearer and the actions needed to achieve the proper goals will also become clearer. So first task take a breath, and read Sba Dja’s book closely and then read it again and follow the instructions to reduce stress; next realize your positive aryu has led you to a place where you only now need relax and work in a balanced manner and let your spiritual life unfold to lead you to the best place in life. Be sure to practice the shedy that you have selected, such as Ra-Neb sessions, even if it is for 1 minute, but try not to miss completely. Consider attending the end of year conference to experience more of the community of Shetaut Neter peace and enlightenment practices. Stay connected and working through the class lessons and allow a process of personality integration to occur in which the negative aryu is worked through and resolved as the personality is purified and you gradually transform from immature ignorant person into a mature human being and then avid spiritual aspirant that will master life and attain the goal of existence.