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Seba Dja

Sebai Maa’s commentary #4503 to Uab Ra Tem/FosterJoseph reply #4031

This is in response to S. Maa’s comment to Uab Ra Tem’s statement:

Uab Ra Tem said: “She kept on listening, concentrating and meditating on what Ra was saying before she responded.” And “Aset was not being argumentative but listening to Ra with patience.”

Sebai Maa responded: “This is an interesting observation, that my reading of the scripture shows insistence when she asked him twice to reveal the name but she did not argue about it. She resolved to force the issue, not wasting energy fighting but rather applying it in concentration towards the desired goal.”

Seba Dja’s commentary: The teaching for an aspirant is to be desirous of Nehast, but not in an emotionally desperate manner, but rather, determined and insistent in one’s spiritual practice, to intensify one’s internal focus when one is not yet achieving the goal of transcendental oneness, and that there must be an overall calmness with persistence and patience and determination as one is forming/preparing one’s Taffy Shepsy (what you referred to as concentration towards the desired goal).

S. Dja