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Seba Dja

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I appreciated that you referenced the Asarian myth.

As I pointed out in my post #4747 in response to Shems Baket’s post,

Aset did not go from “saa djedu” (knowledge-understanding of book wisdom, intellectual learning) to khak ab (dispassion/repudiation) in an instant. The highlights of this myth is the khak ab and the antet begag, which are necessary qualities an aspirant must develop to evolve successfully on the spiritual path, through the practice of Integral Sema Tawi/Shetaut Neter.

This part of the story does not highlight the aspect of the teaching where Aset is practicing Shedy, but it is highlighted elsewhere, such as in the Asarian Resurrection myth, through Heru’s spiritual journey and his practice of Integral Shedy (Maat, Uashu, Rekh, Uaa) which is nurtured, assisted and guided by Aset, now Enlightened, as his preceptor. It is also brought out in the Hetheru myth, which precedes the Asarian myth.


S. Dja

Shedt and Shedy and Shedd

S. Dja