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Seba Dja

Reply to Shems Baket Post #4581 (which in itself was a Reply to Sebai Maa #4548, which in itself was a reply to Shem’s Baket’s post #4396)


This discussion between yourself & S. Maa based on your initial post has several important points which you summarized nicely here.

About the word saa and schezau, S. Maa & I just spoke about it, because in the video, it actually said:”m set saa” in the form of a woman (of) knowledge

Saa Djedu

S. Maa looked up the actual scripture and it contained the words “Saa Djedu” (so the next line had the word djedu after saa) which means essentially the same thing that schezau means, understanding of words (e.g., books, study).

“shezau” – “skilled intellect, learned study of books” (study of teaching or worldly knowledge)

shezau – skilled intellect, learned study of books glyphs only

HTP, S. Dja