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Level 1 – Lesson 9
Pages 107 – 124

What is Maui?
– To think, to ponder, to fix attention, concentrate.

Name the process in the practise of yoga of wisdom?
– Listening to the teaching on the nature of reality and self.
– Reflecting on the teachings and incorporating into daily life.
– Meditating on the meaning of the teaching.

What are the steps in practising the yoga of action?
– Learn ethics and the law of cause and affect. Practise right action (42 precepts of Maat) to purify gross impurities of the personality.
“Control body, speech and thoughts.”
– Practise cultivation of higher virtues, selfless service, to purify gross impurities from subtle impurities.
– Devotion to the divine. See Maatian actions (Acting with and in accordance to Maat) as offerings to the divine.
– Meditation. See ones self as one with Maat. I.e. United with the cosmic order which is the transcendental supreme self.

How should an aspirant think about ego based feelings and how does the action path affect them as an aspirant transforms with time?
Righteous action and acting in according to Maat keeps the mind occupied and uplifts the mind with positive thoughts. It calms the restless mind-set directing thoughts away from worry. Ego feelings or feelings based off of or on ego debilitate the mind. They do not assist you to do anything other than create a bigger hole for yourself and lead you further into the path of ego and ignorance. You will attain peace as time goes on when acting with Maat as righteous action purifies the mind and heart. It becomes easer to deal with worries when the mind is not clouded and/or deluded by ego. An aspirant should turn his or her back away from ego based feelings as it does nothing but cloud judgement and awareness.

If you do not learn from the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
– You are setting yourself up to have the same situation repeat itself.

By acting and moving like Gods & Goddesses one can do what?
– One can essentially discover their character energy and divine agency within ones consciousness and thereby also become one of their retinue. I.e. One with the divine self.

Yoga postures began in India? True or False?
– False. They were seen in Kemet before India.

Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulged in _______ activities?
– Recreational activities

The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what affect?
– Physical an mental diseases. It grounds ones consciousness to the physical realities rather than letting the mind and body operate with lightness and subtlety.