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Jason W



1.How would you describe your knowledge of Religion & Philosophy?

I would say that it is fair due to many years of studying different religions/philosophies, which i had an interest in since a young age.

2. What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness & fulfillment in life?

Attachment and lack of acceptance.

3.What do you see as the most important need you have?

Sublimating my ego to achieve Nehast.

4.What is your previous Religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now?

I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, however ventured later on into Non-denominational Christianity, Voodoo/Voudon, Sunni Islam, and Rastafari/Metaphysical Bible studies in my lifetime. I think the metaphysical studies in the Rastafari teachings i received, relates in the Metaphysical sense to this path, as in discovering the deeper meanings behind the myths. I feel that discovering the origin and deeper mysteries of the bible, led me closer and closer to the Kemetic path.

I do comprehend now however the importance of sticking to one path/teacher and not mixing with other spiritual traditions so that the teachings can lead to enlightenment rather than a limited knowledge.

5.What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life?

It plays a major role. For me religion/spirituality gives me more purpose for living and answers the questions to mysteries of existence.

6.Have you had any previous Yoga instruction ?


7. Have you received any advanced religious instruction?

Apart from some biblical metaphysics, no

8.How do you see your life.

I see it as an everyday test and purification process, a battle between my higher & lower self that must be mastered and brought into union.

9.What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life?

I see alot of potential and room for growth in areas like the spiritual path (now that i have more guidance), along with achieving the more mundane goals in life.

10. If you could what would you like to do with your life?

Besides reaching my more mundane goals, Achieve Nehast & teaching this path someday to as many ones possible.

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