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A very extensive post and also reflective.

Firstly, about your statement: “It was the religion of the ancient Egyptians who were originally Ethiopians and had migrated from the south of Africa” it is important to understand, and this point is made in the book African Origins and elsewhere, that the present day land that is referred to as “Ethiopia” is not the same as the “ancient” Ethiopia described by the ancient Greeks.


The Ethiopia of the ancient Greeks is in fact called Sudan today. The modern day land called “Ethiopia” is further south and east.So the land that the ancient Greeks called “Ethiopia” and which the Ancient Egyptians called Ta Seti or “Kash” (later known as Kush) -that is today known as Sudan.


About your statement: “Seeing where it all started has shifted my mind to see everything around me as bits and pieces carried down, and not always with the depth of understanding…. just wisps of connections..and feeling how much of what I see seems to be on shaky ground, and how much the egoist side of human beings promote and create establishments, and believe what is not the fullest, and how others blindly follow. “


“Searching for one’s self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.”



This effect you describe, of “shifting” your mind and realizing the “shaky ground” upon which most supposed truths are based, this is an ideal occurrence on the spiritual path. It allows the personality to break the mold of egoistic routine and unconscious automatic ego based consciousness whereby the personality acts and reacts but does not reflect on the meaning of life. Most people are living in that state of unconsciousness even as they seem to be awake. The avid aspirant learns to embrace that higher center of stability realizing that the basing of one’s life on the world is like building a house on quicksand. Then that aspirant is poised to discover the center and stable essence within from which all fortitude and peace as well as contentment arises. In mystery religion (like Neterianism) the aspirant is expected to not be a mindless follower but a follower of truth which means following a path that leads to discovering the illusoriness of life and the transcendental essence that is beyond when that illusion is dispelled.