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These factors you have looked up to complete this assignment post are very important to be kept in mind. They form foundational knowledge about Kemetic culture and Neterian spirituality that will be built upon as you proceed with the course.

ANIMATED agancientegypt26The three stages of religion is an essential concept to be understood so as to realize most people in the world have perhaps only embarked upon the first and or second stages but even at that in a perverted or distorted ignorant manner which leads to personal spiritual bankruptcy and susceptibility to religious fundamentalist demagogues that lead people to self-destruction or wars.

“The trusted are those who do not speak the first thing to come to mind; and they will become leaders. If people of means have a good name, and their face is benign, people will praise them even without their knowledge. Those whose hearts obey their bellies, however, ask for contempt instead of love. Their hearts are naked. Their bodies are unanointed. The great hearted are a gift from God. Those who are ruled by their appetites belong to the enemy.”

So, take heart that you have come to a place for real answers to the meaningful questions of life as you engage the process and allow your personality to work through the issues and transform gradually to the status of mature human being as opposed to ignorant children following spiritually impaired or sociopathic leaders.