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Good reflections.hetep-symbol

About your statement: “HTP is also the offering table/slab. I do also believe that hieroglyphic symbol for HTP is the offering table.”

Hetep Slab line art

Indeed that is correct. The glyph is made up of a mat with bread bun on it. It is an offering that promotes peace as opposed to harboring and egoistically being selfish. This contracts the ego. When there is offering there is expansion leading to the level of expansion called Akh meaning shining spirit. And this is the level where enlightenment is experienced.


About your statement: “It is constantly changing. Life shows you constantly that things never stay the same things are constantly changing.”

Akhu“Akh” – “Shining spirit”

Here again, truth and abiding happiness can arise only from that which is stable and eternal, so the philosophy leads to dispassion and detachment and disillusionment. This makes it possible to discover the place beyond distractions and attachments (anrutef) and there it is possible to find that Akh, the subtlest and purest aspect of the personality.