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Level 1 – Lesson 8
Pages 91-106

Akhus are ______ beings?
– Akhus are light being or enlightened beings.

The goal of Neterian discipline is to disover “Who Am I.”
– To unravel the mysteries of life and fathom the depths of eternity and infinity.

How should an aspirant view the diet of an initiate as espoused by the temple of Aset and is it a realistic goal to be achieved?
– An aspirant should see the diet as a way to further purify the body and to cleanse all parts of him/herself. The diet is a way of becoming lighter and more healthy. This facilitates the aspirant in their spiritual journey. Anyone can become a vegetarian. I have become one, although it took me some time, and even then I still have to stop eating the fist an drinking dairy, only then will I feel comfortable with my diet. But it had to be taken in steps, and I found a way to assist myself make that transition.

The general population was considered to be one of the most healthiest of the ancient world. True or False?
– True

Aspirant ate the same as common folk? True or False?
– False, they had a more strict diet

– As part of your spiritual program begin controlling the intake of food gradually on a daily basis.

Who favourite food is lettuce?
– Heru and Set

If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to practise what should you do?
Simply maintain your practise privately and try to keep interruptions to a minimum.

Once you have established your schedule of minimal time to devote to practises, what should you do?
– Try your hardest to keep by your schedule if at all possible.

One should start your spiritual practise with?
A) Exercise
B) Meditation
C) Breathing
D) Prayer

– C, Breathing, using proper breathing techniques

What is the minimal time for mediation?
10 mins in the AM and it should be done after exercise, prayer and hekau chants.