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Level 1 – Lesson 7
Pages 69-90

How should a spiritual aspirant think about the prospect of becoming “God-like” and their capacity to live a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practise and bodily discipline and is this possible for everyone? If so why so? If not why not?
– A spiritual aspirant should see the prospect of becoming God-like as the meaning of life. We are all here learning, experiencing and being put in situations by the universe to become God-like. That is the purpose of life and that is how it must be viewed by an aspirant. Aspirants are to se becoming God-like as a source of real happiness, peace and harmony.

What kind of text is the papyrus of Any?
– Mystical/Ritual text

The symbol of Neter is Ankh? True of False?
– False

What is the meaning of the term Neteru?
– The company of Gods and Goddesses

There are 3 main traditions in Shetaut Neter? True or False?
– False, there are 5 main traditions

The Neteru who are whose thoughts?
– Ptahs thoughts, They go to form the elements of nature and the cosmic forces that maintain nature.

In which period did the temple of Amun become famous?
– Early part of the new kingdom era

The Goddess as well as the female gender were respected and elevated as the male divinities in Kemetic religion? True or False?
– True

The centres of Asarian tradition were the city(s) of?
– Abdu contain great temple of Asar
– Pilak containing great temple of Aset
– Edfu Containing great temple of Heru

Teachings of Aton tradition are relation to which Neter?
– Akhnaton