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Level 1 – Lesson 8
224B – What is necessary for success in the spiritual practise? Part 2

What are the main teachings brought out in the recorded audio lecture?

– Being unrighteous causes more unrighteous actions. These unrighteous actions cause more suffering and in turn more ignorance, delusion and ego. That is what is what is meant by “Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the divine.” Yoga helps you purify this unrighteousness and turns you in the direction of virtue and order.

– People shouldn’t do things based on ego, especially when it comes to spirituality. You will find that some people only learn the teaching so they can feel above other people. Others learn it to get praise, and others learn for the right purpose. To evolve, which involves letting go of the ego-self.
“Higher good is never served by ego.” You should be doing things to please God, not other people. You shouldn’t pretend to be righteous just for the sake of seeming a certain way to other people. You must be selfless and humble, only doing things for Gods approval and no one else. Doing things even if others are unaware of what good you have done because its not about what others think of you. You should feel good about helping others, not for personal gain but just for the fact that you love to serve humanity.

– You must have control over sexual activities and in turn you will have control over your subtle life force energy/serpent power/kundalini power. It is easy to delude yourself when you have an ego mind. For instance, in modern day afro-centric/new-age spiritual trend that’s going on nowadays. Everyone is always quoting reference to kundalini energy and how it assists with tantric sex and all of this other sexualised idealism. These things just show me the immaturity and ignorance of people nowadays. Due to ego and ignorance they find any which way to jump on a band wagon that seems as though it fits their ideals so they can act in an unrighteous way and not feel bad about what they’re doing because they are using spirituality to excuse their behaviour an ignorance of knowledge.

– Spiritual aspirants should detach themselves from all worldly things as much as possible so as to assist the mind and spirit into focusing on the divine rather than being distracted from it. Spiritual practise should also be regular and not fanatical, where you do intense study for 2 days an then for 5 you do nothing in relation to the divine. This will not help an aspirant become dead to the world and defeat ego if too much attention and interest in placed on it.

– Spiritual practise is formal and informal, The formal part is the meditation, the prayers, the hekaus, the actual practise of the philosophy. Where as informal is when you are going about your day. You must not do all the informal parts and then just go about your day any which way, this will just diminish any formal practise you did. It is a 24/7, 365 process and you must be devoted and focused on the divine. It is as if the world a the school for souls. We are being tested in all parts of life, or rather we must stay aware of our divine essence at all times to approach life in a righteous way.

-You must be 100% committed to the divine. You must not give up or let the tide take you away when the water gets to harsh. Adversary is a test. We may all think that we are so minute in this universe. Does my existence and will my enlightenment really make a difference. But Seba Dja gave a good analogy, if we imagine ourselves as marbles and imagine all of us marbles being in a big jar. If someone was to pick up one marble and throw it back in, it would affect the rest of the marbles in the jar. This is what life is like. Even us, when we are even a little bit happy, or positive, we affect the world.

From minutes 20 and onward on the audio recording I couldn’t hear anything Seba Dja says due to there being too much noise.

Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the recorded audio lecture? If so which ones? If not then how will you implement the teachings

I am currently implementing all, but I need to get much better at doing my daily prayers and meditations. I d what the person Sebai MAA was describing. The person who always talks about doing it tomorrow. Always tomorrow, then never getting down to it. What I have done though, is right out a graph for myself which will enable me practise prayer, hekau, meditation and so on for at least 1 hour a day.