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Your studies in Voudon are similar to some formal studied that Sba Dja did on the same subject and indeed she also studied other African Traditional Religions as well. I covered this subject in the books African Origins and Mystical Journey from Jesus to Christ. So we are very familiar with other ATR’s and have seen first-hand the Africanization of Christianity throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Our dedication is going to the source of those traditions which was demonstrated in the Book African Origins go back to Kemet. So your studies will be helpful as you engage the myth and philosophy of Shetaut Neter through this course of study.

Having worked through a search in life that involves family, career and having expanded your horizons so as to have pursued formal studies in psychology and religion, if you also attain peace of mind (HETEP) and philosophical detachment and dispassion (khak-ab) then you are poised to achieve the goal of life.

book cover African Origins Hard

Book Mystical Journey Jesus to Christ 2002