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Level 1 Audio Lesson 1- An evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja- Why is Shetaut Neter important?

What are the main teachings brought out in the lecture?

Although Shetaut Neter is not the only spiritual path, it is an authentic path providing tools in the form of teachings and integral practices to assist the seeker to balance and purify all aspects of the personality, and evolve spiritually towards cosmic consciousness, which can be reality in this life.

Not all spiritual paths are as comprehensive in having ways to have an effect on the different aspects of the personality such as the will, the emotions, and the higher wisdom intellect to be able to do this.

Shetaut Neter has these tools coming from the teachings of the Ancient Egyptians who developed them for the spiritual evolution of their society based on a deep understanding of the different minds and inclinations that people had. They were tried, tested and proven and still apply today.

Purification and balanced integration of the entire personality is required for these higher levels of spiritual evolution and to be able to live as a master in this world, but not in an egoist sense. All humans have this potential as all have this divine essence. They just do not have the tools to help them and they get caught up in the illusion.

The evolution and mastery does not happen automatically. The aspirant has to apply the teachings and the practices they are given.

Some aspects of the personality are balanced quicker than others and until all are aligned the aspirant cannot move forward to the full spiritual experience of enlightenment. The practices directed specifically to each aspect of the personality allows the aspirant to target each aspect to bring it into alignment. Therefore there is a back and forth returning to work on each.

This is the job of a sincere seeker, and only then will they see results.

How am I implementing the teachings given in the book and the lecture?

I feel compatible with these teachings and integrated disciplines and the emphasis presented on practicing these ‘tools’.

Thankfully all the teachers I have had along my path have guided and inspired me from the beginning to be steadfast in disciplines such as rising early to do yoga and pranayama, to do a daily review, using the yamas and niyamas as guidelines, japa with mantras such as the ‪ Mahamrityunjaya and Gayatri Mantra, meditation, listening reading and reflecting on spiritual teachings.

I have consistently tried to incorporate these into my daily life, and they are important to me because they are what help to keep me feeling connected to the Source.

Therefore the time for these practices is already established morning and evening. I have not yet started practicing a third devotional time during the day.

I appreciate the level of required reflection that is part of these teachings, and the interaction of a teacher. For the most part prior to this, much of that has been introduced to me I have then taken to work with on my own.

I do have a private space available for me at the school where I teach. I have not familiarized my self fully yet with the devotional practices. I plan to do so.

I have started practicing the new mantras, and reading and reflecting on these teachings and I will learn the particular poses related to Egyptian yoga.

The question I have I replace all the mantras I have learned and start from the beginning with what I am learning now? I realize it is not wise to have too much spiritual overload so this is what I am considering in the different areas of practices.

Also I realize the importance of balancing all these practices with the time I need to devote to my work, family etc.

Integrating other aspects such as selfless service – seva- have also been instilled, and practicing this over the years has taken different forms. Currently this centers on helping my dad who is 93 years old.

The diet has been somewhat of a challenge for me. I was a vegetarian for over 30 years and then found that I was not absorbing /digesting the peas and beans well so I have included fish to supplement my vegetarian diet, and I do practice food combining. I plan to look more into the live food diet.

Once a year I also practice the Hatha Yoga purification Technique Shankaprakshalana which I had learned though the Sivananda/Satyananda (Bihar School of Yoga) tradition

I think the framework is there that will help me with this new direction, and I realize that at no point along the way can spiritual progress be taken for granted.