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Level 1 Lesson 1 Video Presentation
Intro to SN (#1 in playlist)

The important themes presented in this video are:

• Introduction to Shetaut Neter- what is it about?
Shetaut Neter is not a cult or a church or New Age Spirituality. It is the ancient African religion which is the origin of all world religions, and which contains within it, the three required steps of what religion as an authentic transformational tradition was intended to have- Myth, Ritual and Mysticism.
Religions that do not offer this triad deny their followers the completion of the process and this results in strife as to which myth and which ritual is better.

• The Structure of Sema Institute/Temple of Shetaut Neter in relationship to Shetaut Neter/ Kemetian African religion
There are two branches – The Sema Institute focuses on the educational dissemination of the teachings at various levels- introductory to advanced.
The Temple of Shetaut Neter is involved with the practices of the Priesthood, Initiations, and Spiritual Counseling.

• Where did Shetaut Neter originate?
Neterism that is the name given to the practice of Shetaut Neter originated in Africa and is an indigenous African religion.
It was the religion of the ancient Egyptians who were originally Ethiopians and had migrated from the south of Africa around twelve thousand years ago, to the north east part of Africa which at the time was known as Kemet or Kush, and which today we know as Egypt.

• Time line of the practice of Shetaut Neter religion in relation to other World Religions.
The Sphinx – 10,000 B.C is the earliest physical evidence of religion in human history. This religion was Shetaut Neter and it was complete on all levels as a spiritual philosophy.
Following this in 7000 B.C. only artifacts are found relating to other spiritual traditions, but not complete philosophies until 2500 B.C. and it is from this timeline forward that the religions we are familiar with including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam appeared.

How is Shetaut Neter connected to other religions?
Documented proof shows the influence Shetaut Neter had on Dogon, Yoruba, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

As the origin of all world religions, Shetaut Neter reflects, without diluting the content, what religion was intended to be – a path of enlightenment that has been left intact as a legacy, that one can not only study, but practice with results.

Why is it important to study Shetaut Neter?
“Use well thy mind”(Ancient Egyptian Proverb)

Religion was described as the “most important force behind culture”
Any interest that is very important to someone and absorbs their mind and attention will influence and create the attitudes and behavior, and ultimately the culture of that person, or on a larger scale, a group of people, society, and country.

The question was asked, “What is your culture? One of ignorance or one of wisdom?” True religion was intended to lead to a culture of enlightenment.

The influences of the world via television and now through social media distract people from their true purpose in life and keep them trapped in a culture of ignorance.
The essential philosophy of Shetaut Neter is “men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge practice and bodily discipline”.

Therefore the religion of Shetaut Neter contains teachings and disciplines that effectively guides the individual to their true purpose of life and helps them to understand deeper mysteries and the right use of their mind.

How is this transformation achieved through Shetaut Neter?
The transformation is achieved through deep study of the metaphysical teachings, cleansing practices, and practice of the disciplines
An insight was given as to how the teachings worked in ancient Egypt. There were six main traditions of spirituality, which related to the different kinds of minds of people so that there would be a natural interest and inclination towards studying.
Some of the teachings were psychological, some ritualistic, some wisdom oriented and wherever people lived in the cities of ancient Khemet they were able to benefit from these different traditions in the way they could best respond to individually.
There were three main traditions that were the most important relating to the Trinity– Ra, Pthah and Amun,
In the teachings of Shetaut Neter everything emanates from one Source and is considered Divine- the Earth, Sky, Water, etc. and there is a structure of Gods and Goddesses or ‘lesser beings’ so that there is many points which one may use as an access and spiritual connection and grow towards higher and higher realization. This is unlike many of the other world religions which use fear and hierarchy to keep humans from evolving and expressing their true nature of transcendental cosmic consciousness.

What impressed you most in this presentation?
I was so impressed with being able to start at the beginning of such a comprehensive study that has authentic connections to all the religions, the traditions, to yoga, to the true meaning of life.
Seeing where it all started has shifted my mind to see everything around me as bits and pieces carried down, and not always with the depth of understanding…. just wisps of connections..and feeling how much of what I see seems to be on shaky ground, and how much the egoist side of human beings promote and create establishments, and believe what is not the fullest, and how others blindly follow.

Observations in response to the exchange Level 1 Lesson 1 Video Assignment post # 2826 June 15 2015
This exchange was in regards to a question by Semauiba re how is it possible for shemsu neter (followers of divinity) to act, think and feel like divinities if this divine aspect is hidden, as reflected in the term Shetaut Neter which means the ‘Hidden mysteries of the Divine’
Sebai MAA response included … “Now once the teaching is followed then certain answers are revealed and certain insights are gained by the individual and thus the mysteries are discovered. From the outside they are mysteries just as the knowledge of any discipline in life (doctor, lawyer, engineer, chemist) is a mystery until it is taught and understood.”

I resonated with this, especially the concept of being taught separate from understanding. As an art student I went through the process of being taught the different disciplines of art and I specialized in painting. However it was not until after nearly nineteen years of painting that I began to feel as if ‘painting’ itself was teaching me. This was like a mystery revealing itself that was not on a conscious level where answers and insights came…but I realized there also has to be humility. It will disappear if there is too much ego.

Now teaching Elementary art I am again seeing that it is the practice of engagement and constant thinking about the teaching of art which begins its own alchemy inside.

I think it is like what happens in this course. I read or heard you use the word ‘churning’ Sebai Maa…and I think that the constant engagement and thinking and reflecting on the teachings ‘churns’ it through the levels of the mind and something will happen.
So I understand from this that all mysteries can be revealed, and I am reminded of the words ”ask and it is given, seek and you will find.”