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Your post answers are complete and succinct. As for your statement: “I want to also give thanks to you Sebai MAA and Seba Dja for this most profound university that you have developed. It is truly an honor and i have learned that in order to progress on the path, that i must have a spiritual preceptor leading me as i can only go so far by doing this without guidance. The feelings of joy and gratitude that i get when i think about having the opportunity to take this spiritual journey, makes my life complete and with less negative thinking, though some doubts about my capability may arise.”


You are very welcome and I also appreciate and salute you and all students who have recognized the importance of the teaching and have taken the opportunity to engage it at this level – which I consider to be unique and unprecedented in our times; That I am aware there are no other opportunities in the world to engage the study of Neterian philosophy and spirituality in this manner. For anyone to develop spiritual aspiration to such a degree as to not only recognize its importance in their life, but pursue it is – well, remarkable and laudable and respected even by the neteru and they surely assist the process. And of course my own thanks go to my lady, the calmer of storms, the remover of doubts, and the abode of Asar! (Aset)


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