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Well done post.
Here are some actual images of the HTP offering table. There are many variations but we use the typical and classical form.

ALtar image1

On your statement: “You should try not to come into the temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so forth.”

It is important to emphasize that it is easy to have an injunction say against bringing cell phones or wearing a t-shirt that says “Go Mets”. But it is more difficult to successfully follow an injunction against negative feelings and thoughts. Therefore, this is an aspirational injunction and not an absolute rule, otherwise hardly anyone would be allowed in! So it is a wisdom teaching for awareness and when there is awareness then steps can be taken to abate the issues that trouble the mind, by remembering the teachings, being in a peaceful and friendly environment, breathing rhythmically, uttering the recitation of wisdom proverbs and or scriptures, listening to enlightening lectures, uttering (chant) the tutelary hekau (words of power), practicing postures that channel and sublimate errant energies, etc. So all that is expected is honest effort and that hones effort eventually yields the fruit of purified mind and balanced (Maatian) heart.

“Those who are agitated all day have no happy moments, but those who amuse themselves all day can’t keep their fortune.”