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Dua Sebai. In your response to my posting , you gave me a deep understanding of what Aset represents- an “intuitive wisdom” acting as a subtle calling voice. But the call is distorted and not understandable to many to whom it was directed to. Many did not receive Aset because of ego impurities. The “small voice” could be heard clearly when the intellect and personality are purified. The battle of Heru and Set represents the battle of an aspirant against Set. The aspirant becomes victorious only when he is capable of hearing Aset clearly and this can only be attained when the intellect and personality are purified. In relation to my response to the Asarian Resurrection Myth, I was trying to point out that Set gave up in his desire to become the King of Egypt following the arbitration of the gods and goddesses and the decisive action of Asar, the king of the world of spirits.