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Indeed, in the issue of relating to a preceptor/teacher many of the injunctions, if not all, are for the benefit of the aspirant. Thou an authentic teacher may not be offended by rants or egoistic outbursts, those events can deeply affect the aspirant in terms of shame, guilt, etc. that cause them to feel unworthy, shy, etc. and bring up aryu from the unconscious mind that is negative, that pushes the personality to self-sabotage and even self-punishment by moving away from a preceptor, the person that could bring solace through understanding and acceptance.

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In a psychological way this is a tactic of the ego to deceive the conscious mind into retreating into further egoism and away from sources that could bring enlightenment and the demise of the ego. So the respect and honor to the preceptor is, from another perspective, a protection of the spiritual aspiration, of the Heru within. Therefore, that respect for the preceptor is respect for Aset, the higher self within that is calling to the aspirant to come towards wisdom and enlightenment. And from even another perspective, it is a respect for the aspirant that the aspirant is showing to him/herself, a respect the bolsters the ethical conscience and strengthens the feelings and emotions and toughens the mind against the crafty ego self (Set).

“Every parent teaches as they act. They will speak to the children so that they will speak to their children. They will set an example and not give offence.”


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