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Jason W


1.What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?

Egypt was a colony of Ethiopia. The names Qamit/Egypt and Ethiopia ( also known by kush, nubia, sudan) have the same meaning, referring to the “Black land” or “Land of the Blacks”. Ethiopia being the southern part and Egypt the northern.

2.Topic #3 Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

A colony of Ethiopians From the south who came to the Northeast part of Africa.

3.Topic #4 What is Yoga Philosophy?

Egyptian Religion and a new way to look at life, religion, the discipline of Psychology and the way to spiritual development, leading to spiritual enlightenment.

4. Topic #5 What is the Initiatic way of education?

Listening to, study of, and meditation upon the teachings in a proper environment and with proper guidance.

5.Topic #6 What is initiation?

Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey of spiritual living, which leads to spiritual enlightenment.

6.How does the Kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?

The yoga counselor helps the individual to somehow turn the anguish, disappointment and pain experienced as a result of interaction with the world into a desire to rise above it as the lotus does from the muddy waters.

7. How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?

1.ASPIRATION- Students who are being instructed on a probationary status and have not experienced inner vision.The important factor at this level is awakening of the spiritual Self, that is becoming conscious of the divine presence with one’s self and the universe by having faith that there is a spiritual essence beyond ordinary human understanding.

2.STRIVING- Students who have attained inner vision and have received a glimpse of cosmic consciousness.The important factor at this level is purgation of the self, that is purification of the mind and body through a spiritual discipline. The aspirant tries to totally surrender “personal” identity or ego to the divine self which is the Universal Self of all creation.

3.ESTABLISHED- Students who have become IDENTIFIED with or UNITED with GOD. The important factor at this level is illumination of the intellect that is experience and appreciation of the divine presence during reflection and meditation, union with the divine self, the divine marriage of the individual with the Universal.

I feel it is important to reflect on the 3 levels of aspiration to gain a better understanding, so that when one may progress they will have more of a realization of just where they are at the Aspirant level.

I want to also give thanks to you Sebai MAA and Seba Dja for this most profound university that you have developed. It is truly an honor and i have learned that in order to progress on the path, that i must have a spiritual preceptor leading me as i can only go so far by doing this without guidance. The feelings of joy and gratitude that i get when i think about having the opportunity to take this spiritual journey, makes my life complete and with less negative thinking, though some doubts about my capability may arise.