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Reply to post#4396 by Shems Baket with a response from Sebai Maa post#4845

Shems Baket made a great point in saying that Aset becomes disillusioned and repudiates the world. She knew there was something more. Sebai Maa elucidates on what disillusionment is when he says “in Mystic wisdom terms disillusionment with the world means not just disappointed and still trying to find happiness in the world but instead it is a deep realization of how one has been fooled by the delusional belief in the idea that the world is an abiding reality and that the struggles and pursuit of happiness in the world of time and space will somehow yield satisfaction and abiding truth.” This point made me remember the same idea that was brought up in the videos. Sebai Maa said that most people are just disappointed and that when a person is “just” disappointed they run back to the object of their desire in the hopes of it working out if the try again. There truly is a big difference between being disappointed and disillusioned about the world. This made me think of things that I do on a personal level that shows disappointment instead of disillusionment. I know through further practice of the teachings things will change.