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Arit Neter S

TOAset Meditation Lesson 1

1. Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth
The other participants have done a through job of retelling the story and chain of events. From the historical record.

Here is another perspective. One Moment in Eternity, the Soul forgot It’s true identity, and was tricked by the subconscious mind. Out of this encounter, true discrimination was born. However, During this weak moment, the Ego launched an attack. The first time, the Soul was attacked, the Divine Intuition was relentless in Her search and brought the Soul back to life, back to where it remembered itself and His true nature. In this moment, The Redemption of the Soul was created. However, in this moment of gladness, again, the Ego was able to launch an attack. This time, the Soul not only forgot itself, it was dismembered. The Healing and Loving Compassion of the Divine Mother, the Power of Intuition was relentless in Her search to help the Soul re-member Itself. This was accomplished, however, the Soul had to release attachment to the physical realm in order to live and to be free.

The Redemption of the Soul had to wait until the right moment to fight the Ego, and restore the Soul and eternal life to Divine right order. In the End, the Soul was Redeemed, not because He was stronger or had stronger weapons, but because it is the Natural Order of Nature. 

2. What are the main take aways from this myth the Maur? Never Give Up, especially not on Family. Listen to Inner Voice. Trust Intiution, Trust Self above all else, and above all others. There are no mistakes, there is no Deception in Eternity. All is in Divine Right Order, even the battle of “Good over Evil” MUST take place. Adversities MUST be overcome. Spiritual Progress does not go by any schedule. All is forgiven if one loses their cool for a moment, as long as you get back to reality quickly. 

Based on video lecture and current understanding at this time:

A. What have you discovered about the role of Aset in the Resurrection myth. The one with the most pain, the most trauma,the greatest loss is the most gifted healer, the most powerful in this myth. Aset is the one that everyone benefitted from her actions. Djehuty has the knowledge, but it is Aset that has the experience, which gives her the greatest wisdom, the greatest potential for compassion, for healing, for resurrection. Aset is the one that continued to seek for the deep hidden meaning of the realities of life. The gift of all of her adversity is her strength, and the ability to teach, guide and protect her son Heru and all of her Children. To raise him to become a great leader that is needed by the community. Her power to heal came from her love for her family. She is the ultimate Mother. Sister. Wife. Student and Teacher. This tremendous source of power comes from of love of the Divine, and the need to KNOW the Divine.

In reality, to me, this signifies that it is all of the tests that we endure, the challenges we overcome, the adversities that we face that give us great strength and power. the greatest sages experience the deepest adversity. What is that saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I actually had someone tell me this after they almost killed me…LOL!! He was right!

I believe that it is during our darkest moments of ignorance, despair that the light of intuition finally is allowed to break through. it is as if Set is holding Aset captive within, and when there is no hope no answers, no signs, no friends or family, nada, perhaps Set falls asleep for a moment, when there is nothing but stillness, and that voice of light pierces through the veil of ignorance, and all the answers are revealed. Often, it is love for my children and/or love for the Divine, for all of Creation, that gets me out of these states of ignorance. Of course, Shedy, whih these days, often leads to new music, always gets me back on track.

The Role of Aset in this myth is a role model for the Mother in any family and society. And also, for any Aspirant. She is the center around which everything is able to move, to flow., to change, to grow, to find order and restore, balance again and again. The Regenerative Love of the Mother is the Heart, of The Family. My Intuition is the center of my life. I rely on my intuition to make ALL decisions now, especially in running my business. Without my intuition, there is no flow in my life.

Aset Heru

B. What do you make of her character and personality?
Steadfast, devoted to family, devoted to Higher Self, listening to intuition above all, even above Ra saying it cannot be done. When all else fails, as Unut Amuntyt told me, “Just Keep It Moving”. Her Personality IS Divine Intuition, so she already sees and knows all there is, was or shall be. There is no Wisdom without Aset, there is no Wisdom beyond Aset. Aset is the Goddess of Wisdom and the Mother of Divine Intuition. I connect with the Goddess most when I see Sirius and whenever I am around Water. Her character is Light, Revealing, Moist, and Flowing. Loving and Forgiving.

Hotep. Shems Arit

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