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Arit Neter S

Response to Shems Heryt #3708 and also Sebai Maa # 4298

Dua. So grateful for this discussion, as it resonates so well with my journey as both an Aspirant as well as a Cosmic Sound Healer.

“…the quintessential Goddess figure that everyone sees in Aset (Isis) was forged in unspeakable pain, followed by great triumph…Aset represents that Divine spark that dweels in the heart, and often through pain and suffering is awakened”

This is a fact of life, nature, healing, relationships and otherwise. It is looked down upon and feared, however, it is the natural order of things: “It is going to get worse before it gets better” comes to mind.

It appears to me, as a sound healer, that the entire planet is afflicted with Shenenhu, and I am going to meditate upon this as I “conjure” up a few healing protocols for those healing from rape and after effects of slavery. I am especially drawn to this as the topic for the next Self Care webinar is Healing with Water: DIVE INTO THE HEALING POWER OF WATER. I was already planning on featuring Nun,TefNut and Nebt Aur. Now, I can also add this concept. “Insanity: Mental illness from conflict, contradiction, obsession, etc. …..”

Dua. Hetep. Shems Arit