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Udja Sebai MAA and Sebj Dja

This is Elizabeth..I first wanted to say how appreciative I am of this study, the depth of knowledge and teachings, the depth of both your commitments and engagement in sharing with us and explaining to us, the depth of the required reflections, the sincerity and level of consciousness i am sensing in all the students.

I kind of feel like Alice in Wonderland who fell down ..or it felt like i was pushed down the rabbit hole and i am thinking..”what the heck happened?” ..I am in a different landscape…but am seeing the connections with the spiritual journey i have been engaged in up to now. My spirit feels this elation that i feel like I am witnessing and wondering..what do you know that I do not know but you are expecting I will find out.

I realize any questions i ask will probably have their answers further along in the study, so thank you for being patient to explain what I have not reached to yet until it becomes clearer.

I will post my first answers and reflections this week but i wanted to ask something regarding some syllables that some years ago surfaced in my consciousness during meditation. They were Ka Sa La Ma.
I have often wondered what they mean’t and wondered if you had ever come across syllables like this
Dua to you both.