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Level 1 Lesson 7, Courspack, Pages 69-90, 30:05

1.How should an aspirant think about becoming “god-like” and the capacity to live a life of virtue and cultivation through scientific knowledge, practice, and bodily discipline and is this possible for everyone? If so why so and if not why not? An aspirant should understand that it is possible by practicing Shedy and applying the teachings to ones life. This will purify the Ab and will eventually lead to Nehast. This is possible for all who endeavour to practice but the weight of the heart ( Aryu ) cannot be overcome by wishful thinking or faith alone it has to be pursued through spiritual disciplines and virtues.

2.what kind of text is papyrus of Ani? mystical philosophy and ritual scripture.

3.The symbol of Neter is the Ankh? false

4.What is the meaning of the term Neteru? gods and goddesses

5.There are 3 main traditions in Shetaut Neter? false, 5.

6.The gods and goddesses who are whos thoughts? Ptah

7.In what period did the temple of Amun become important? New Kingdom Era

8.The goddess as well as the female gender were respect equal to the main divinities and gender in Kemetic religion? yes

9.The centers of Asarian tradition were the city of Abdu ( Asar temple), Pilak (Aset temple) and Edfu ( Heru temple.)

10.The teachings of the Aton tradition are related to the Neteru Aton